Friday, January 28, 2011

Fairwell Fridays...

Awe the joy of Fridays. Is it really a joy? What is it about Friday that most people look forward too? With days like these, I feel the joy of being the trainer. Most people do not wish to tear up there happy day but ruining an event or moment, so people do. Anyhow, today is a great day to be a Friday.

So the Friday skill work.. I do not know why so many people wish not too run after they ask for more running. It baffles me sometimes. So, with 4 short 400meters of running and resting 30 seconds between runs. not bad. More running in store for next week. that's for sure.

And onto the workout ..

10rounds or 20minutes (which ever came first)
5 Pull ups
10 Burpees
and 15 Squats

For those who know me well enough, i would have been all over this WOD. Beings how i have a competition in Fresno in the AM, i declined to participate in today's events. Next week for sure, ill be back in the mix and working out with all you FINE looking people.

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