Sunday, January 16, 2011

How hard will you push yourself?

How fast can you run? How high can you jump? How hard are you willing to push your self into the mindframe of a make or break of character? I may not be the strongest or fastest, but ill be damned if I do not challenge myself to reach for that next level. Like the 2nd place video, I know personally, that I do not want to be the butt of a joke.

I did say that we would start the 5 week challenge on monday. Well, in a few hours we will meet monday morning at the West Valley Crossfit gym, and get this shin-dig going. I want to focus on speed endurance. I want to focus on revving up those engines and hitting that 6th and 7th gear instead of causally coasting in 5th. Its time to break that speed barrier.

I want to share something with you. Talent is NOT enough. Autor Denis Waitley says, "The winner's edge is not in a gifted birth, in a high IQ, or even in talent. The winner's edge is in the attitude, not aptitude." Plenty of talented to teams never amount to anything because of the attitudes of their players. In a team aspect, "Abilites + Attitudes = Results". Take this into consideration, how will your abilities, and attitudes effect the team?

If you want great results, you need good people with great talent and awesome attitudes!!

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