Saturday, January 15, 2011

Following the leader ..

"Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are - northward, southward, eastward, and westward; for all the land which you see I have gave to you and your descendants forever". - Genesis 13:14-15

Vision is everything for a leader. Why you ask? Because vision leads the leader. It paints the targets, sparks and fuels the fire within and draws them forward. I am almost ecstatic that you have found a vision for yourself that lead you here. I want to be one of the firsts one to congratulate you on defining your new character. I once read, "Show me a leader without a vision, and I'll show you someone who isn't going anywhere. At best, they are traveling in circles".

One of the most valuable benefits of a vision is that is acts like a magnet - attracting, challenging, and uniting people. The greater the vision, the more winners it has the potential to attract. The more challenging the vision, the harder the participants fight to achieve it.

What is your vision? From where did it start?

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