Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something strenuous..

Making sure we get a good healthy breakfast, with a healthy warm up .. continue onto the skill work of "Squat Cleans" finding a new max or working a max load in sets of 3.

I seen your guys/gals numbers on the board today .. impressive for some, not bad for others. just kidding. keep up the good work. Now for something strenuous ..

3 rounds of
20 pull ups
20 dips
75 squats

Again, impressive times!! That's just a lot of squats. How does every ones legs feel today? ha ha. make sure you stretch out, use the foam rollers, that's what they are there for. Just a heads up, I have something planned for Wednesdays workout that will be similar to Mondays workout .. but with a new twist. just a heads up. Thursday will probably follow the main site, maybe, maybe not. but Friday morning will be in for a treat. We've had a long hard week, and I would like to finish it off that way. Heads up, and chins down!


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